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Rental terms and conditions Cabanas Apartments

All descriptions of the apartments in our website have been compiled after our own inspections. All information and prices are correct at the time of up loading, but may be subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to change prices, however, the price confirmed on your reservation will not change.

Arrival and Departure
Tenants are able to enter the accommodation after 4 PM (16:00h) on the day of arrival. We will be expecting you at the apartment, unless another meeting point has been designated by us.

The accommodation must be vacated by 10 AM (10:00h). A late checkout can be requested at the cost of 50 Euros. This request will be granted if possible with the cleaning schedule and future bookings. The property manager will provide you with the key. In some case extra information on the accommodation and surroundings will be provided.

If you are arriving after 7 PM (19:00h); It is your responsibility to inform the property manager about your late arrival. A late arrival fee of 25 Euros will be charged. The telephone number of the property manager can be found on the website.

If you due to other circumstances such as traffic, strike etc, are not able to be on time, it is your responsibility once more to inform the property manager about your delay.

Prices, additional costs and deposit
Your apartment will be cleaned and towels and bed linen changed every 7 days after your arrival, however private dishes, the BBQ and laundry are not part of their cleaning duties. In case you require extra cleaning, clean towels or linen throughout the week, contact the property manager during office hours (a fee is applicable to any extra services).

The client must stipulate at the time of booking the total number of people that will occupy the apartment. In this way we ensure that the apartments are adequately equipped for the agreed number of occupants. The accommodation can only be used by the agreed upon persons and used as holiday let for the period booked. Subletting, sharing or assignment is prohibited. Failure to comply with these conditions will be regarded as a breach of contract without right of compensation.

The apartment must keep locked at night. We cannot be held responsible for this or any other lack of facility which is beyond our control.

Building work and noises are possible as there are other development still being constructed nearby and therefore there is the possibility of building work or construction being carried out.

The apartments are furnished and equipped for self catered accommodation for the number of people that equates to standard occupancy and will be cleaned and checked before your arrival. If you have any problems or complaints, these should be notified to us soon as possible. You shall leave the apartment and the equipment in the general order in which it was found. We reserve the right not to reimburse you the damage deposit or even charge you an additional payment if the apartment and or the equipment are left in an unacceptable condition.

Under no circumstances are pets allowed into any accommodation.

Waste disposal: in all cases the tenant is responsible for the (daily) removal of all waste in containers near the accommodation or in the vicinity.

Water bottles: Tap water, in most areas, is drinkable; however it is advisable bottled water.

It is a requirement that you take out comprehensive travel insurance as we cannot accept any responsibility for medical expenses, loss or damage to possessions or any other costs.

It is advised that you take additional breakdown and motor insurance if you hiring a car.

-Within 8 days after Cabanas Apartments response to the inquiry, a down payment of twenty five percent (25%) of the total amount for the duration of your stay needs to be received by Cabanas Apartments as a deposit which makes your booking definite.

-The deposit of 25% must be paid by bank transfer account, the remaining payment in cash or by bank transfer account.

-All and any bank and financial charges associated with the transfer of funds to our bank additional to our tariffs will be chargeable to the account of the client.

-The minimum rental period in the high season is 7 days, and 3 days in the low season.

-In general included in the price you have a final cleaning. The price also includes normal usage of gas, electricity, and water, unless advertised differently.

-A returnable breakage/damage deposit of Euro 100 is required at the time of your arrival which will be returned within two weeks after your departure (subject to satisfactory property inspection).

-We are not obliged to reimburse you for any services not used during your holiday such as leaving accommodation earlier.

-Delayed payment, gives Cabanas Apartments the right cancel the reservation.

Should the tenant require cancelation of accommodation, he/she should advise Cabanas Apartments immediately in all cases via telephone and via email. In some cases and specific conditions it may be possible that other persons take over the reservation. A new booking/contract will be made and signed by the substitute. The following cancellation charges are payable according to the cancellation date:

0% of the total costs, from definite booking until 40 days prior to arrival
90% of total costs, 40 days (incl.) prior to arrival
100% of total costs, on the day of arrival

It is strongly advisable to have a suitable personal travel and cancellation insurance which will cover these costs when the reservation needs to be cancelled for whichever reason.

If situations or circumstances occur beyond the influence of Cabanas Apartments that result in cancellation of your booking, Cabanas Apartments will offer an accommodation of equal level and quality. If not available, Cabanas Apartments will refund the amounts paid in total. Cabanas Apartments shall not be liable for any damage or cost involved.

Swimming Pool
Great care must be taken at all times when around and using a swimming pool. You remain responsible for the safety of those using the pool at all times, and for all of your belongings. You are recommended never allow small children and non-swimmers in or around the pool un-supervised, nor using the pool under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Always familiarize all members of your party with the shallow and deep end of the pool.

Whenever the pool needs to be cleaned and serviced during your stay it should not be used, for safety reasons. This applies for the time of cleaning and for a period of time thereafter due the chemicals been added.

Special Requests
Any request made regarding your arrangements with us should be entered in the relevant area on the booking form or sent via email (

Maid service is available six days a week, expect on Sundays and public holidays. We will charge additional costs in relation to this service.

During the stay the tenant is liable for the accommodation, the content, and all objects belonging to the accommodation. Cabanas Apartments its agents, employees, servants, subsidiaries, and affiliates shall not be liable for injury, loss, costs, expenses, claims and damages to any person or property arising from, related to or in connection with the use and occupancy of the accommodation as well as any loss or damage to any person, to the accommodation, equipment, furnishings, property or appurtenances thereto of any nature resulting from accidents or occurrences in or upon the Unit or the building in which the Unit is a part, including but not limited to claims for damage, injury, loss, liability or the like resulting from:

A-Negligent or willful action(s) or omission(s) of tenants, their guests, or any person or persons entering the accommodation for any purpose.
B-Wind, rain or other elements.
C-Theft, vandalism or fire.

Cabanas Apartments cannot accept any liability or pay any compensation when the performance of the contractual obligations is prevented or affected by unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond its control, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even with all due care which also includes, natural disaster, adverse weather conditions, civil strife, fire and/or similar circumstances.

Unfortunately it can occur that something is not to your satisfaction. When this occurs, first try to solve things with the property manager of the accommodation. When nothing can be done to your satisfaction, you must report this to Cabanas Apartments within 3 days after arrival. At least within 1 month after your stay you need to send a written and motivated complaint to Cabanas Apartments. When you decide to change accommodation without giving notice to Cabanas Apartments, you will lose the right to any restitution or reimbursement.